This is Global: British radio behemoth behind acquisition of

This Is Global, registrants of

This Is Global, registrants of

Mike Mann‘s recent sale of the domain name for $40,000 dollars made some speculate about the buyer.

Some pondered about existing trademarks for the phrase “Make Some Noise”, the most recent application of which is related to financial services; meanwhile, the usual trolls took low blows against the popular domain entrepreneur.

The new owner of the domain is reflected in the WHOIS as of yesterday; per DomainTools, it’s This Is Global, home to some of the UK’s most popular radio stations, such as Heart, Capital and Classic FM.

It comes as no surprise that the “Make some noise” phrase will be used by a radio station conglomerate, which has expanded on television as well.

Congratulations to Mike Mann for this sizable sale for a domain he paid less than $1,000 for.

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