#GoDaddy acquires Bob’s Your Uncle Domain Academy

GoDaddy is entering the multi-billion dollar education industry by acquiring London-based Bob’s Your Uncle Domain Academy.

The acquisition of the British educational platform marks a very important stage in building up GoDaddy’s cache of educational domain videos.

“By snapping up an established producer of domain-centric videos, GoDaddy is setting up foot in former countries of the British Empire,” said GoDaddy VP of Education & Propaganda, Mike Cypher.

“There are many ways to convince GoDaddy customers to register domains but the best way is to convince them that whatever ‘junk’ they register it’s sell-worthy, that it can make them thousands as ROI. This is why educational videos about domain names are important to produce in large quantities,” added Mike Cypher.

Founded in 1999 by former meat-cutter, Bob Hill, Bob’s Your Uncle Domain Academy is the UK’s premier domain education resource, according to reliable British newspaper, the Sun. Hundreds of thousands of hours of videos related to domains, SEO, digital certificates of appraisal, and the occasional racy joke or two are available from the resource acquired by GoDaddy.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have reached an agreement with GoDaddy, it’s the dream of a lifetime and I can now retire!” exclaimed founder and CEO of Bob’s Your Uncle Domain Academy, Bob Hill, adding: “I just might buy me a sports car or two just like the fancy ones Frank Schilling has, then off I go to Mykonos for some wild partying!”

GoDaddy acquired just the content produced by the academy, but not its active students that will receive a 10% discount coupon for domain registrations at GoDaddy and a notice of completing their lifetime subscription effective immediately.

Bob’s Your Uncle Academy released the following video to better understand what the company name means.

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