GoDaddy customer complains about Bar Refaeli’s lack of support

It was expected: after the infamous “Perfect Match” commercial that claimed GoDaddy has both a geeky and a sexy side, a customer filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Services.

“I called GoDaddy support and asked for Bar Refaeli to assist me with my issue,” said Jonas Flauti, a small business owner from Connecticut.

“I was laughed at, and had to listen to some really nasty things on the phone. That’s not what GoDaddy advertised during the Super Bowl!” exclaimed Flauti.

Seeking the sexy side of GoDaddy and getting geeked instead, infuriated Flauti, who is seeking an apology from Bob Parsons – and a private kissing session with Bar Refaeli. The former, might be impossible, as Bob Parsons is known for his firm stance with regards to customer complaints.

“We are very sorry that this customer didn’t understand that commercials are as remote from reality as humanly possible,” said Mark Dick from GoDaddy Tech Support HQ. “I mean, really, if we had to employ Bar Refaeli at GoDaddy 24/7 we’d go broke. She’s a very highly paid supermodel,” added Dick.

Flauti’s complaint might lead to some free GoDaddy stickers and a box of chocolates signed by freshly divorced, Danica Patrick, but no kissing session unfortunately.

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