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GoDaddy customers shocked by Uniregistry’s efficiency


Dozens of curious GoDaddy customers expressed their shock and astonishment, as they had a first glimpse of Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry, yesterday.

From hard working soccer moms, to serious domain flippers, the typical GoDaddy user is accustomed to wading through a maze of drop down menus and unwanted options.

Not at Uniregistry.

“All this negative space, so clean and fast to navigate through the Uniregistry web interface – I almost could not breathe!” said Mary Robertson, a domainer from Mississippi.

“Registering and editing my domains, classifying them into distinct portfolios happens in mere seconds. What am I a going to do with all the free time?” she pondered.

Frank Schilling’s commitment to providing a domain registrar experience unlike any other, manifested itself in the gawking reaction of even hard-core GoDaddy users.

“You mean I can search for the keywords I want, in a variety of TLDs, without being upsold for SSL certificates, cloud hosting and other junk I don’t need?” asked Teejay Jackson of Urbana, Illinois.

“This is sick, man, just sick. I was done in 45 seconds, it usually takes ten times that much time at GoDaddy, I can’t believe I was made to believe GoDaddy’s experience was the norm!” exclaimed Jackson.

Uniregistry’s choice of a motto, Not your Daddy’s Registrar, delivers its promise: lightweight, efficient, and with a 21st century ergonomy, it clearly saves its users time and frustration.

“I cannot believe how long I had to wait for this miracle to happen, but now I am sold!” said Teejay Jackson, whose car selling business is expanding.

“I will be moving all my domains there soon, no doubt. Thanks Frank!” added Jackson, giving two thumbs up.

If you’re a GoDaddy user, don’t just take our word for it – give it a spin at Uniregistry.com.

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