GoDaddy employee responsible for downtime got fired

Bob Parsons saved GoDaddy once again.

GoDaddy has reportedly laid off the employee responsible for yesterday’s extensive downtime.

Matt “Supermario” Smith of Albuquerque, NM brought his pet llama, Tina, to work at the 2nd annual “bring your pet to work” day at GoDaddy.

After the misbehaving llama started kicking and spitting on the Godaddy servers, Bob Parsons took the matter in his own hands, killing it.

“I have no remorse whatsoever,” said Bob Parsons.

“This beast was damaging GoDaddy property, it was self-defense. And as for that dumbass that brought a damn llama to the pet gathering, he’s not with GoDaddy anymore!” exclaimed Parsons.

While PETA and the “Protect Our Llama” society might raise some public ruckus about the shooting of the llama, it was at least done in a clean fashion: a single bullet in the head.

We tried to get Matt “Supermario” Smith on the phone to discuss the subject but there was no response.

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3 Responses to “GoDaddy employee responsible for downtime got fired”
  1. .pH says:

    DAMN! Talk about cold – look at that ice PimpDaddy is sporting. That’s gotta be a 2 carat rock! Those 7% increase in fees been paying good dividends.

    When’s the next big hunt safari, Bob?

  2. gazi says:

    hahahaha :)) really good

  3. jayjay says:

    Now at least it seems that GD employees will finally have a decent cuisine in the canteen— after all I’d imagine that the elephant stew was getting a bit tough by now~ 🙂

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