GoDaddy: First registrar to allow domain ownership by dogs!

Dogs want to have some fun.

Dogs want to have some fun.

GoDaddythe world’s #1 domain registrar – is expanding its unstoppable reach beyond what was thought possible in the domain world.

Thirty months after allowing domains to be registered by aliens of the extra-planetary kind, GoDaddy extends its generous offer to local earth species.

“There are millions of dogs in the US and most of them are considered ‘children’ by their owners,” said GoDaddy executive Linda Lovelass.

“Dogs are pampered and walked in fancy outfits, seated at tables with family and often inherit entire estates. Why can’t they register domain names? Well, now they can!” exclaimed Lovelass.

GoDaddy will promote its outreach into the dog world with an entire redesign of its portal. For years, GoDaddy used buxom girls as eye candy, and now female dogs aka “bitches” will be on display.

“Dog cookies and hot bitches in lingerie will be on our DogDaddy portal, promoting the availability of domains for dogs,” said Linda Lovelass. “We are anticipating at least 1.2 million registrations in the next 12 months!” she added.

In a co-sponsoring move, Elliot Silver’s will also be rebranded to allow for dogs to find human sitters, all while they get busy on the Internet registering dog domain names – doggy style.

Congratulations to GoDaddy/DogDaddy and Elliot for this exclusive sponsorship!


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