Godaddy Gwen’s former employer: Not much of a loss, really

The former employer of Gwen, the puppeteer who quit her job during the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, isn’t shocked or impressed.

“She was a typical 9-5 employee, not that great, not bad either – just a typical blue collar worker who spent her lunch breaks in the break room, sketching stuff on napkins,” said JR Spintz, general manager and co-owner for the steel appliance factory where Gwen worked for 18 years.

“I mean, I wish her the best and she lost the compensation package we give to our employees when they retire or leave after 20 years on the job, she could have waited until 2016 but had other priorities with that GoDaddy stunt,” added Spintz, shaking his head.

Since becoming famous through the GoDaddy commercial, Gwen has gained about 850 “Likes” on Facebook.

There is no data about how many small business entrepreneurs switched to GoDaddy, thanks to the powerful message relayed by Gwen with her act of quitting her job.

On the flip side, with healthcare under the Obamacare plan becoming expensive, Gwen definitely lost a lot of great benefits after terminating her employment at the factory.

“No loss for me, I am used to people leaving my business all the time, but our HR manager didn’t like coming in Monday morning after the Big Game to fix that mess. Oh well!” said JR Spintz, who keeps the company’s domain names at

It’s a good thing Gwen’s employer wasn’t Donald Trump, or she might have gotten fired instead.

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