GoDaddy power packs save the day during hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma caused a lot of damage and extensive power outages in the state of Florida.

Thousands of FPL and Duke Energy customers were left without power, many of them domain industry professionals eager to respond to incoming offers.

“We had cellular service the whole time but my phone was running out of juice,” said domain investor Gus Sadowski of Pine Hills.

“I used my GoDaddy power packs to recharge my phone, and thank goodness I was pro-active enough to have gotten 12 of them during NamesCon, when GoDaddy employees weren’t looking!” exclaimed Sadowski.

Not everyone was as lucky: a Chinese domain registrar’s similar freebies during NamesCon, did not hold a charge, and some even exploded.

“GoDaddy is using quality control on their power chargers,” said GoDaddy Power Management VP, Aldus Tesla, adding: “We are here to help you help yourself, day or night!”

Thanks, GoDaddy! 😀

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