Did GoDaddy ‘stuff’ the ‘Puppets by Gwen’ Super Bowl ad story?

Andrew Shotland blogs about SEO; his research of the infamous ‘Puppets by Gwen‘ GoDaddy ad for the Super Bowl is intriguing.

While the initial approach was that the entire background story about a puppeteer quitting her job was a fib, the article re-instated Gwen’s status as real.


There are, however, some interesting caveats regarding further claims used in the “success story” behind the GoDaddy commercial, including the following:

  • No geographical information about the puppet services rendered, pointing out that people rarely venture more than 30 miles for a puppet show.
  • No blog content beyond two posts, both posted at the time of the Super Bowl event.
  • No YouTube content – other than the commercial – clearly a lost opportunity to showcase one’s puppet work.
  • No Google+ account for the business, and very minimal content on Facebook and Twitter.
  • No reviews of the business on Yelp. The background story claimed Gwen has performed 1,300 puppet shows.

All this makes sense actually: Gwen’s web site has been PuppetsByGwen.com only since December 26, 2013.

Apparently, Gwen was using two different domain names and web sites for her puppet business: FunnyPuppetShow.com since April 23, 2013 and before that, MotionPicturePuppets.com since 2008. The latter is now parked.

However, despite the age of the domain MotionPicturePuppets.com, there is very minimal cached content in Archive.org, the most being this page.

These are some observations that make one go, “hmmmm….” 😀 For the research article by Andrew Shotland, click here.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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  1. Is beer puppets available ?

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