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Got #business cards? Start tearing them up per #GDPR requirements

Data collection is a dangerous practice under the GDPR.

The Europe-centric law with extremely long arms, officially crossed over the European Union borders, ever so ready to intimidate start-ups and companies across the Atlantic with its fearsome penalties.

It’s May 25th in Europe already, where millions of repressed consumers are getting ready to file a galaxy of data requests, in an attempt to take what’s theirs.

If you collect business cards at domain conferences, such as NamesCon, or TRAFFIC, be prepared to toss them out, shredding the information they contain.

“Business cards are often exchanged under the influence of alcoholic beverages at corporate parties, and lack the consent of either one or both parties,” said GDPR analyst, Klaus Sackendiken.

“If you keep those business cards years later, without an explicit note that the information they contain was volunteered, and up to date, you might be in violation of the GDPR,” added Sackendiken.

Keeping domainer business cards from TRAFFIC 2010 can be in violation of the GDPR

The business cards of domain investors might carry information that is outdated, such as an email, phone number, or the name and title of the person having changed; sometimes, even their gender.

It is your responsibility to respond to update requests, and be prepared to perform these changes at no cost, and within a reasonable amount of time – preferably before dinner.

According to GDPR analysts, more than 120,000 business cards are exchanged among professionals every month on European Union soil. If you possess such personal data, you should ensure it’s kept safe.

Ideally, never exchange business cards ever again, and simply commit all the information to memory; remember to seek the other person’s permission first.

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  2. DomainGang says:

    Whatever happened to your butler?

  3. Data Glasses says:

    She stole my Qr Contact Card and ran off !

  4. doob says:

    girls can’t be butlers.

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