Greek domain conference : Smokers are welcome

What to expect during Domain Greekfest 2017.

The first ever domain conference in Greece will allow and even encourage smoking, a pastime many Greeks share.

Domain Greekfest 2017 will take place in Athens, Greece, sometime in early fall, and preparations are under way.

Smoking while having coffee, or on its own, is a vice many Greeks attribute to the “idle hands” syndrome. And it definitely kills thousands every year, due to emphysema or cancer.

Greeks aren’t phased by these “minuscule” problems that smoking delivers; Domain Greekfest 2017 will welcome smokers and non-smokers alike.

“We’re expecting major Greek tobacco companies to be event sponsors,” said Yiorgos Mastrogiannopapadakis, one of the co-founders.

“Ok, so we know smoking is bad, but you know, life is short, enjoy a coffee and some good smokes, talk domains, and dance!” exclaimed Mastrogiannopapadakis, shrugging his shoulders playfully.

Domain Greekfest 2017 will encompass a large number of subjects affecting Greek domain investors, and the event’s agenda has been more or less defined.

“We are almost ready to share what stuff will be talked about during the domain conference,” said Nikos Hatzipaparas, event organizer, adding: “Of course, the final decision will be made a week before Domain Greekfest starts, when we return from summer vacations.”

Here are some highlights from Day 1 of Domain Greekfest 2017:

  • How to invest in .GR domains because nobody else cares
  • Coffee and cigarettes break
  • Ignore the matching .COM: Best idea or worst idea?
  • Coffee and cigarettes break
  • Tobacco domains as investments – sponsored by Papastratos Tobacco
  • Coffee and cigarettes break
  • Postpone things: Can Greeks be efficient as domainers?
  • Ouzo night at Opa club – sponsored by Loumidis Greek coffee

If you want to participate in Domain Greekfest 2017 make sure you book your tickets, flights and hotels at the last minute, as things might change.

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