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Hank Alvarez offers shares for sale in a pre-IPO special

Hank Alvarez announcing the immediate availability of company shares.

Hank Alvarezthe ousted former VP of Sleaze at Snapnames – announced today that he’s offering shares of his company for sale, a prelude to an apparent IPO in the coming months.

Once regarded as the brains behind the drop-catcher Snapnames, Hank Alvarez was named and shamed last November by his very company when it was discovered that he had been rigging the auctions for years.

Despite all this, Snapnames avoided any further damage by issuing generous refunds and sending large bidders Christmas goodies, something that Hank Alvarez did as well.

No longer a part of Oversee, Hank Alvarez has taken on the domain consultation services through his company, HankAlvarez.com

In the past, other questionable IT professionals such as Kevin Mitnick have denounced their criminal activities and have become legitimate, productive members of society.

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One Response to “Hank Alvarez offers shares for sale in a pre-IPO special”
  1. Stephan says:

    I want to make Hank my personal advisor!

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