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Happy New Year! #Compliment .com sold for five figures and #Evergreen #domains

Welcome to 2019 – and that’s the year DomainGang.com turns 10 years old.

Happy New Year to all our friends, readers, and sponsors; we’re appreciative of your support and constructive feedback through the years.

So what’s going on?

Yancy Naughton gave us exclusive details of a recent domain sale, apparently under the influence of celebratory champagne. 😀

The founder of HasTraffic sold the domain Compliment.com for $50,000 dollars.

During the negotiations with the new owners, Yancy’s humor shone through when he told them:

“Benjamin Franklin said: ‘A compliment is the only thing it costs nothing to pay,’ but you are going to have to pay $50K! “

This sale has not been reported and it’s a great way to start off 2019.

If you’re looking for other one word domains, Evergreen is brokering the following dictionary word domain names:

  • Magical.com for $700k
  • Cybersecurity.com for a minimum of $5mm
  • Congratulate.com for $150k
  • Exclusive.com for $450k
  • Delight.com for $450k
  • Hometown.com for $500k
  • Sparkly.com for 300k
  • Docket.com for $250k
  • Documentation.com for $100k

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