Have some dot .Wine with your Friday cheese

Some gTLDs are meant to be: they match consumer products that are globally appreciated, and we’re not talking about milk here. 😉

Donuts, Inc. launched two successful gTLDs, dot .Wine and dot .Vin, after months of byzantine scenarios leveraged by the ICANN committee.

But let’s forget about the bureaucrats and the conservative forces here; it’s Friday FFS, and it’s time for some wine – or vino, if you prefer.

.Wine and .Vin domains.

.Wine and .Vin domains.

The growth of both gTLDs has been consistent, and currently stands at 8,212 .Wine domains and 3,818 .Vin domain names.

That’s a dozen thousand domains across both wine related gTLDs, and there are plenty of developed web sites, as wine production and wineries is part of an ancient, and rather serious business.

Here are a few:

Happy drinking! 😀


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One Response to “Have some dot .Wine with your Friday cheese”
  1. Amanda says:

    I think .wine will continue to be the most successful between the two. Hopefully this gTLD will help more vineyards spread their wings on the net. My father and I enjoy a certain brand we discovered at a tasting and have to order it online to enjoy it in Texas.

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