HosterStats calls it like it is: .XYZ domain registrations look odd

HosterStats, the oldest and largest provider of statistics for the domain names and their ‘DNA’, is covering the oddity of the dot .XYZ gTLD.

The ongoing controversy is about the number of dot .XYZ registrations in the zone files, that should be taken into account.

Apparently, in a promotional agreement with Network Solutions, the XYZ Registry sold “wholesale” a large number of domains – in the thousands. Network Solutions used these domains, allocating them for free to the accounts of existing customers that owned the matching .com domain.

Many of these domains are not even premium, they are random combinations of numbers and letters.

Says John McCormac of HosterStats:

“In most new TLD launches, the first domains to be registered are brand protection domains (generally registered in other TLDs) and generic keywords. The latter are considered valuable and some of the new gTLDs have reserved a lot of the single word generic domains for themselves.

This pattern of registrations appears in most of the active new gTLDs where there is significant interest in the gTLD.

However the .xyz registry deal with Network Solutions ensured that the TLD DNA of .xyz would be quite different to the others.

The .xyz registry and gTLD have taken some flak over this deal and the opt out nature of many of the Network Solutions registrations have led to claims of the .xyz registration figures being at best unreliable and at worst inflated.”

HosterStats graciously calls this practice “odd”; we’d call it bullshit.

Daniel Negari, an otherwise likeable entrepreneur, should know better than that; this type of promotional activity is currently hurting the very product he’s is trying to promote.

For the full article on the dot .XYZ DNA, click here to visit HosterStats.



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