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Hoverboards banned at NamesCon 2016


Hoverboards: Banned at NamesCon.

Hoverboards, the gyroscopic battery-powered two wheel platforms popular with kids and adults, are now banned from NamesCon.

After several airlines banned them on flights due to battery issues, these transportation devices are now banned at NamesCon due to safety concerns.

“Imagine being in a room with more than 1,000 domainers attending, trying to evade those nutheads riding them,” said Jothan Frakes on behalf of the NamesCon organizers.

“Safety is a priority for all NamesCon attendees and with hoverboards we’d be constantly looking into wiping the floors from drinks, sweat and tears. The logistics would be impossible to manage. If we see you riding one you’d be escorted to the nearest skateboard park to knock yourself out!” added Frakes, shaking his head.

Hoverboards can still be ridden on the sidewalks at the Las Vegas strip; just make sure you are sober and properly attired.

For details, visit NamesCon.com.

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4 Responses to “Hoverboards banned at NamesCon 2016”
  1. Bruce Marler says:

    What about hula hoops?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Bruce – Hula hoop owners are more than encouraged to use them – up to 1 at a time.

  3. Domain Observer says:

    Hoverboard riding should be banned on the sidewalks. Very dangerous for the pedestrians.

  4. Mike says:

    Seems pretty common sense to me. Surely they have things like skateboards banned, so why should hoverboards be any different?

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