I Don’t Do Bullies .com – Long tail #domain registered by Buckley Media

Kate Buckley of Buckley Media Group.

Domain broker Kate Buckley was unjustly attacked by a NamePros member, who adamantly questioned the legitimacy of her brokered domain sales.

The ensuing discussion led to an open letter response from Kate Buckley, who referred to the unproven allegations as “bullying.”

Such acts of bravado from “behind the keyboard” are not new, but in this case other NamePros members stood by Ms. Buckley, and some are asking for the accuser to be banned from the forum, lest they provide proof of their allegations.

Meanwhile, Buckley Media, the domain brokerage company operated by Kate Buckley, registered the domain name IDontDoBullies.com. The domain is pointed to article coverage by domain investor, Elliot Silver.

Definitely a long tail domain that can be used in other cases on online or offline bullying.

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2 Responses to “I Don’t Do Bullies .com – Long tail #domain registered by Buckley Media”
  1. Kate Buckley says:

    Thanks for the post, guys! BTW, just registered 86bullies.com too. 😉

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