ICA : Petition to stop #Verisign from jacking up dot .COM #domain prices

Over the years, Verisign has made a ton of money from its exclusive contract  for .COM and .NET domains.

Nothing wrong with a bit of a corporate revenue influx – for the Verisign stockholders and investors, at least.

Many domain investors feel the pinch, however, every time Verisign increases the price of .COM and .NET domains.

By contract, Verisign is entitled to, but not everyone is willing to see this happening year after year, after year, without set limits and safeguards in place.

A new petition at Change.org wants to stop Verisign from increasing the price of dot .COM domains.

The petition, put together by the Internet Commerce Association (ICA,) says in part:

“The current Cooperative Agreement between the U.S. National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) and Verisign expires on November 30, 2018 and unless it is extended in its current form, Verisign may successfully get their long-sought price increase.

We, the millions of .com domain name registrants all over the world, stand to lose the most from a .com price increase, and we DEMAND THAT ICANN AND THE NTIA TAKE ACTION NOW TO STOP ANY .COM PRICE INCREASE.”

The Internet Commerce Association has also created a portal, operating from StopThePriceIncreaseOf.COM to showcase their argument, presenting data and to seek support for its cause.

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One Response to “ICA : Petition to stop #Verisign from jacking up dot .COM #domain prices”
  1. TRG says:

    I think the increase in prices will make people seek for alternatives, no one will be using .COM again. I think if we can’t stop it, we may stop buying it in the future 🙂

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