ICANN 56 on Brexit : Multi-steakeholder model must go on

ICANN56 - Helsinki, Finland.

ICANN56 – Helsinki, Finland.

ICANN technocrats moved in fast on Monday, to prevent any further manifestation of a domino effect caused by Brexit, from Helsinki, Finland where ICANN56 takes place.

The TLD and gTLD global managers announced their commitment to the multi-steakeholder model, regardless of Britain’s decision to depart from the organization.

“We remain committed to the global provisions of the sub-committee’s ability to manifest meaningful discussions, to ensure Britain retains an active role in the Internet community,” said ICANN spokesperson Pat Christoforous.

In plain, non-technocrat speak, this means that ICANN will continue to accept British delegates in its discussion meetings, without requiring a special ICANN visa for them.

“ICANN will not enable Article 505, which triggers the suspension of member nations, should they decide to leave international organizations such as the European Union, or ICANN itself,” said Pat Christoforous, adding: “No doubt, this might disappoint some who want to see the US maintain total control of the Internet.”

The ICANN decision to throw its full support behind Britain arrives at a time that crucial decisions about Internet management are clashing with the upcoming presidential elections in the US.

A long time stabilizing factor on the Internet, ICANN is presumably taking an active role in international politics, and the proliferation of the Internet of things.

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