ICANN considers limitation of domain registrations to 100 per person!

French domainer Yvette Carrillo runs the Digital Research department for Cybertonic

Domainers are not going to be happy with ICANN.

Following on the footsteps of a recent interview to Sputnik News, ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé comes up with yet another shocker for the domainer community.

Expectations about the multi-stakeholder model are running high, and the issue of Internet governance is one hot potato currently; the dessert is yet to come.

According to sources, ICANN is considering the limitation of domain registrations to 100 per person or company, in order to combat cybersquatting. The limit is applied to a calendar year, or 366 days – whichever is longer.

“The same people over and over again, register all the best domain names, no matter if it’s com, net, org or the new gTLDs,” said Norman Sland of the ICANN international committee for domain affairs.

“We are debating the actual number right now, if it’s not 100 it might be 125 or thereabouts, but the truth is that something needs to be done with serial cybersquatters,” added Sland.

Cybersquatting is defined as the registration of the marks, brands and names of companies with the intent to sell at profit. A prime example of serial cybersquatting is Yoyo Email Ltd., a company that registered thousands of .Email domains matching the marks of corporations.

It remains to be seen whether domainers will accept this unfair limitation to domain registrations.

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