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ICANN financials: Released IRS Form 990 shows hefty expense increase


ICANN posted its 2013 financials tonight, in particular IRS Form 990 that displays its revenue and expenses for the fiscal year beginning 7/1/2012 and ending 6/30/2013.

Domain investor, George Kirikos, pointed out that “the numbers don’t make sense.


Indeed, ICANN is reporting a whopping $150,390,490 dollars in expenses – up from $69,576,791 the year before.

That’s an expense increase of 116%.

According to the report, salaries increased a total of $4.5 million year over year, which means that the remaining $75.5 million dollars in increased spending, must have gone to other expenses, such as contractors.

In 2013, ICANN opened offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kirikos pointed out that the ICANN salaries are ‘exorbitant‘ and not on a par with other non-profits around the world; ten days ago, we listed the top ICANN officers’ compensations.

One can also compare data from this year, to the year prior, to witness some hefty increases in the ICANN officers’ salaries.

Overall, a great first analysis by George Kirikos; there is no doubt, that the ICANN financials will generate plenty of interesting analysis for weeks to come.

You can download the ICANN IRS Form 990 for 2013, as a PDF (65 pages.)

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2 Responses to “ICANN financials: Released IRS Form 990 shows hefty expense increase”
  1. Wow, these are real amazing numbers.
    I can’t see any expenses for promoting Domains to the general public at all.
    Maybe some of these funds can be used to educate users on how Domains
    can and should be used.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Dietmar – Amazing, is an understatement. I’d say, stuuuuupendous!

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