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ICANN financials: Released IRS Form 990 shows hefty expense increase

ICANN posted its 2013 financials tonight, in particular IRS Form 990 that displays its revenue and expenses for the fiscal year beginning 7/1/2012 and ending 6/30/2013. Domain investor, George Kirikos, pointed out that “the numbers don’t make sense.”   Indeed, ICANN is reporting a whopping $150,390,490 dollars in expenses – up from $69,576,791 the year […]

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Operation Domainfall: Rick Schwartz finishes script of upcoming ‘007’ movie

You probably heard those rumors months ago: Rick Schwartz has been working on a ‘book‘ but little did we know that it was, in fact, a movie script! Last night, soon after releasing an updated portrait shot, the Domain King hinted of little known information, regarding the final script for the movie. With a working […]

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Mike Mann: And here’s how I price Premium Domains …

Domain investor extraordinaire, Mike Mann, isn’t loved by everyone in the domain industry. In fact, there are several envious or outright jealous people out there that resort to bad-mouthing the ever-busy entrepreneur. But they are the minority; Mike Mann could not care less about those losers. So how does Mike Mann price premium domains? Keep […]

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