ICANN headaches: French farmers oppose new gTLD dot .Cherry


French cherries are under attack.

The French producers of cherries are at war, and it’s not against GMO companies.

Faced with a recent drop in cherry production, French farmers are now positioned against ICANN plans to launch a new pair of gTLDs, dot .Cherry and dot .Cherries.

“It’s funny, I mean, no funny, but strange to see French produce of cherry being target, like wine, and instead of protect, American step in for control on Internet, inexplicable!” said Genevieve Marie Maison, a cherry grower from Provence.

“And pfttt, you say, ICANN protect right but how can, no? And terrible treatment of farmers lead to monopoly, and what domain cherry mean there can not be other than revolution, for cherry, absolument!” exclaimed Genevieve Marie Maison.

The inadvertent interference of US-based ICANN with global commerce, has become a thorn in the side of ICANN conferences as of late; ICANN50 in London failed to deliver a decision on the multi-stakeholder model, while it enraged the French producers of wine.

Cherry producers in France are willing to take their case to the International Farmers Court in Hague, the Netherlands, unless ICANN surrenders its plans to launch dot .Cherry and dot .Cherries, immediately.

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