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ICANN objects to Saudi Arabia’s existence on the Internet

After numerous reports that Saudi Arabian technocrats have responded to gTLD applications with a barrage of objections, ICANN decided to step in.

“By objecting to .gay, .wine, .muslim, .catholic, .sucks and even .baby, the Saudis are attempting to blow up the existence of the Internet – much like they tried to do on 9/11”, said Mattias Chang of ICANN.

“So we have decided to simplify the issue and suspend the .SA ccTLD from the Internet root servers.”

This move will definitely remind the Saudis that no matter how much of the world’s oil reserves they are sitting on, everyone is doing business on the Internet nowadays.

Without access to it, the .SA web sites will disappear; something that Google most likely agreed to as well.

“The only way that .SA will return to the root servers will be when Saudi Arabia recognize the gay and Catholic communities in Saudi Arabia; it’s a political issue, no doubt!” exclaimed Mattias Chang.

Adding to the controversy, a study shows that a lot of traffic from countries in the middle east is directed to pornography web sites.


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5 Responses to “ICANN objects to Saudi Arabia’s existence on the Internet”
  1. mosstrooper says:

    Breaking news:

    The South African government are now in emergency closed meeting talks with ICANN hoping to secure the Dot .SA ccTLD for themselves.However,they also object to Dot .Gay and others but are hoping to bargain with Dot .Diamonds,Dot .Gold and Dot .Tutu

  2. mosstrooper says:

    More on the above:

    Piet Van De Merwe,spokesman for South African Power,Lighting,Poste and Telekom said “Ach!Socially wi might not be up to speed but wi ahr technologically laht yars ahid of those buggers in the sands up there who took our ccTLD in the first place.Now we’re just asking ICANN to give back what is rightfully ours”

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    mosstrooper – I believe Southwest Airlines might object to .SA as well. Do you think they’ve found an alternate fuel source for their airplane fleet?

  4. mosstrooper says:

    Lucius – Never heard of them but I do know Southwest African Airlines runs on Hippo fat – which is about as alternative as you can get!

  5. Steve J. says:

    The Saudis need to stfu.

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