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Holy domains : The Vatican ready to eulogize dot .Catholic

Catholic faithful of the world, rejoice! The Pontifex is getting ready to eulogize the launch of dot .Catholic, and a new office has been formed at the Vatican for this very purpose. The Vatican’s Secretariat of Communications established the DotCatholic bureau, in order to manage the new top-level TLD by the same name. DotCatholic aims […]

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ICANN objects to Saudi Arabia’s existence on the Internet

After numerous reports that Saudi Arabian technocrats have responded to gTLD applications with a barrage of objections, ICANN decided to step in. “By objecting to .gay, .wine, .muslim, .catholic, .sucks and even .baby, the Saudis are attempting to blow up the existence of the Internet – much like they tried to do on 9/11”, said […]

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