ICANN should get WHOIS lessons from the Israel Internet Association

Domain WHOIS keeps no records.

One of the issues with WHOIS, as implemented by ICANN, is that it does not keep track of WHOIS history.

When a domain registrant changes, there is no tracking record of the date these changes occurred, and even popular third party services such as DomainTools cannot keep up with changes – unless a domain is queried.

One has to see what the Israel Internet Association does, for Israeli domains – every change is recorded in the WHOIS.

Let’s take, for example, the output of the domain :

changed:      registrar AT 19990101 (Assigned)
changed:      registrar AT 20000127 (Changed)
changed:      domain-registrar AT 20070918 (Transferred)
changed:      domain-registrar AT 20070918 (Changed)
changed:      domain-registrar AT 20151126 (Changed)

In this snippet, every WHOIS change has been recorded, making things very easy – and transparent – to track!

Perhaps ICANN needs to spend some of its ample cash reserves, and work on a change in how WHOIS information is updated and stored; this could also help combat issues with domain hijacking and theft.

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