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ICANN to roll out .ICANNT gTLD

Rod Beckstrom supports dot .ICANNT

ICANN is swimming in the dough, just a few days after the first batch of applicants deposited $5,000 each as a good faith advance for their gTLD application to be processed.

Seizing this opportunity, ICANN is about to roll out its own gTLD – dot .ICANNT

“The new era of the Internet and the continuous challenges we face here at ICANN are upon us”, said Rod Beckstrom who is retiring as ICANN CEO in July.

“Why not have a little fun with dot .ICANNT, after all we will be approving a few oddball gTLDs in May”, Beckstrom added.

The rollout of dot .ICANNT is expected to draw millions of irate ICANN critics, who will thus find a home under the dot .ICANNT umbrella.

“I will definitely register a few dot .ICANNT domains”, said Niklas Brstroem from Sweden, who is an outspoken ICANN critic. “My intention is to get Abolish.ICANNT and Fuck.ICANNT, and establish consumer report web sites; my sponsor would be IKEA of course”, added Niklas Brstroem.

With thousands of gTLD applications in the works, ICANN is expected to be a trillion dollar company by 2108; a whole 52 years before the Verisign contracts for .com and .net expire.

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2 Responses to “ICANN to roll out .ICANNT gTLD”
  1. jeff says:

    Dear King Lucius “Gunz” Fabrice..
    What do you expect the registry cost .com .net to cost in say: 2159 by the time the ICANN contract expires 😛

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Jeff – At 7% per year, the expected amortization in 147 years is (taking pocket calculator out) …oops, my calculator just exploded! 😀

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