ICANN55 in Marrakesh: Mahdi Taghizadeh tells his story

Mahdi Taghizadeh

Mahdi Taghizadeh

It’s always refreshing reading about the experience domain name professionals had during large industry conferences, such as ICANN55 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

ICANN’s gatherings bring together several thousand people at a time, from around the world, to discuss matters that affect the global Internet.

Industry professionals that put pen to paper, so to speak, deliver an important insight to how these events deliver per everyone’s expectations.

Iranian Mahdi Taghizadeh wears several hats at the same time: Technologist & Coder and CTO at Fidilio, along with Co-founder and Vice-Chairman at Delion.

He shares his latest experience in a blog post:

“I didn’t have trouble with visa issue this time because there is an Embassy of Morocco here in Tehran that I could go and apply for visa but surprisingly they didn’t get me the visa but a confirmation letter to get it upon arrival [ … ] So my travel stuff went very smoothly and I could prepare everything prior to my flight weeks before it but this time something was different in comparison to the previous meeting in Dublin and that was the coaching stuff.”

Looks like Mahdi had a great time during the ICANN55 conference, and he has the photos to prove it, including one with both the former and the current ICANN presidents. 😀

Read Mahdi Taghizadeh’s story at Medium.

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