#ICANN62 begins in #Panama tackling important #domain issues

Earlier today, ICANN62 opened its gates in Panama, home of the world famous canal. Thousands of hard-working technocrats, male and female, congregated in the opening ceremony.

ICANN president and CEO, Göran Marby, chimed the opening bell, with a speech of appreciation for the massive results ICANN members of multiple committees have achieved during 2018.

“I’m very pleased with all that you’ve accomplished this year, my dear friends and colleagues. As much as I hate that Sweden lost to Germany with a last minute goal, I remain focused on the multi-stakeholder model and the results it has produced.

Together, we overcame the GDPR issues with WHOIS and the future looms bigger and brighter ahead. I welcome you to ICANN62, there is a full service, international buffet and complimentary drinks to the left.”

Under heavy applause, the ICANN62 participants flocked to the buffet, offering exquisite delicacies: Casu marzu, caviar from the Caspian sea and sheep head tenders from Mongolia were paired with Argentinian wine and Portuguese port, chased with French champagne.

Everyone has been having a splendid time, eating, drinking and talking about the success that ICANN meetings bring to technology, entrepreneurship, and Internet expansion via the introduction of thousands of new gTLDs.

The rest of the day will continue to be equally productive, as members of 12 sub-committees will form a larger committee, to discuss committee expansion and the immediate creation of a solid foundation for establishing many more committees, as it is required by the well-defined ICANN bylaws.

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