iCloud account hacked: Wired editor loses cloud data to hackers

Don’t be so sure your data in the cloud is safe…

Mat Honan is a former Gizmodo employee, and currently works for Wired –  the popular print and online technology magazine.

A few days ago, Mat’s twitter account @mat started posting a series of racist tweets, which targeted Gizmodo; these tweets were included automatically on the Gizmodo twitter feed.

As a result, Twitter froze the account, but not before several dozen tweets were sent out from the @mat account, assaulting Gizmodo and asking Mat’s followers to befriend twitter accounts and watch YouTube videos, depicting the hack.

The culprit seems to be Mat Honan’s iCloud account at Apple, which was apparently hacked, by means of resetting its password. According to Mat, he did not use the same password on Gmail and his iCloud account was not brute-forced.

Mat’s twitter account was recovered, and he’s currently reaching out to security consultant and former hacker, Kevin Mitnick, famous for various hacking escapades in the 80’s and 90’s, to be a security consultant in an article for Wired.

Although there is no security announcement from Apple about iCloud, now it would be a good time to change your iCloud password.

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