Apple sues to get Steve.Jobs from the Registry

Steve Jobs passed away a year today, and the world lost one of its greatest technological visionaries. A year later, Apple continues to go from strength to strength; the recent launch of iPhone 5 lacked the heartfelt presentation by the company founder, but Steve Jobs was there in spirit. Apple is very protective of its […]

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Did Steve Jobs die a while ago?

The conspiracy theorists believe that Steve Jobs died a long time ago and he’s been kept animated by sophisticated software in order for the Apple stock to stay at current levels. Surely not a shock to read that Steve Jobs is not the Apple CEO anymore. Read the amazing analysis about Steve Jobs here.

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A picture is worth a thousand words 😀 Not as bad as the “banana” snafu 😀

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SHOCKING: Steve Jobs is in fact in the iClouds already

It’s a shocking revelation reminiscent of the 1989 movie, Weekend At Bernie’s – the dragging around of a Hawaiian shirt clad corpse being the main theme. Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO,  is in fact dead and his persona is being animated by sophisticated software, in order to preside over the upcoming Apple conference, later today. […]

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