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ICM Registry to release every Sex keyword as a gTLD!


ICM Registry, the providers of .XXX domains to the adult entertainment industry, have announced the upcoming release of several new adult gTLDs.

“Starting with .porn, .sex, .adult and following with .bj, .menageatrois and .doggystyle, we aim to please every adult content operator,” said Stuart Lawley, CEO of the ICM Registry.

“No more confusion over what genre of porn you’re about to face when visiting a web site; asian.escorts will clearly deliver sucky.sucky and happy.ending!”, added Mr. Lawley.

It’s evident that despite the initial reaction to the .XXX launch, the new introduction of adult gTLDs by the ICM Registry will take care of the most intricate fetishes of those few that are still unbelievers.

Paving the ground for the registration of domains such as rusty.trombone, inter.racial and donkey.punch, the new gTLDs will be a constant money maker for both the adult domain operators and those that create filters to block conservative visitors out.

The new adult gTLD domains by the ICM Registry will be offered at the discounted price of $69.

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One Response to “ICM Registry to release every Sex keyword as a gTLD!”
  1. Mukesh says:

    They are becoming crazy.. 😉 Any ways… .bj is nice extraction… and Not look like ccTLD 😉 if that will be cheap then will think about buying some domains.. 😉

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