Identity Digital to increase pricing across 203 gTLDs

On October 4, 2023, Identity Digital, the domain registry for .live, .life, .world, and 200 other gTLDs will initiate universal price increases.

These upwards changes will affect renewal, registration, and transfer costs on select gTLDs.

Up-and-coming domain registrar, Spaceship, shared news of the upcoming price increases as they apply to gTLDs operated by Identity Digital. Here are some of these gTLDs and their price increases:

.email: $19.61 (currently $17.98)
.live: $21.67 (currently $20.64)
.life: $24.77 (currently $23.74)
.world: $25.80 (currently $23.74)
.digital: $27.86 (currently $24.98)
.bet: $17.54 (currently $13.90)
.media: $28.90 (currently $25.80)

It’s worth noting that while all domain registrars offering domain names operated by Identity Digital will follow with similar price increases, Spaceship currently offers these listed gTLDs at single dollar registration pricing as part of a limited time offer.

After that, renewals take place at the regular rate, so keep that in mind before you register 100 .bet domains!

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