Spaceship surpasses 300,000 domains under management

Not too long after surpassing the 100,000 domain milestone, Spaceship has hit another one: More than 300,000 domains under management. Founded by Namecheap founder and CEO, Richard Kirkendall, was built with technology that utilizes the blockchain across its registrar and hosting functions. The modular design allows for the users of the Spaceship platform to […]

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Identity Digital to increase pricing across 203 gTLDs

On October 4, 2023, Identity Digital, the domain registry for .live, .life, .world, and 200 other gTLDs will initiate universal price increases. These upwards changes will affect renewal, registration, and transfer costs on select gTLDs. Up-and-coming domain registrar, Spaceship, shared news of the upcoming price increases as they apply to gTLDs operated by Identity Digital. Here […]

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Blockchain-driven registrar, Spaceship, reaches 100k domain milestone

Spaceship, operating from the domain, launched a few months ago as a blockchain-driven sister company to Namecheap. The beta rollout of the registrar was met with great enthusiasm by domain investors and it has just reached 100,000 domain names under management. More than a quarter of these domains were transfers in from other registrars, […]

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Twitter broke yesterday thanks to rocketman genius, Elon Musk, all while Namecheap successfully launched its own rocket, The fun domain isn’t about space, zero gravity, or the exoplanets, so it doesn’t compete with SpaceX: It’s about domain names, web hosting, and secure email. outlined its services in four separate categories: Spacemail: Choose from […]

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NameCheap hints of acquisition and brand expansion

An ongoing discussion on Twitter unveiled some interesting news: NameCheap, the world’s second biggest domain registrar, might be rebranding as Spaceship. The matching domain name,, has been secured. Interestingly, there are two existing trademark registrations and one pending application at the USPTO. Here’s what we found: Registration of the mark SPACESHIP, dated 2019: Domain […]

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