International #Mensch Day : In memory of Lonnie Borck

Lonnie Borck would have turned 50 yesterday. Sadly, he left us three years ago, and in the days since his family and friends continue to discover new proof of his acts of kindness.

Mensch is the Yiddish word describing a person of integrity and honor. It’s the ultimate definition of a person’s goodness on this earth; Scott Ross, fellow domain investor, and one of many dear friends of Lonnie’s put together a great post in memory of Lonnie Borck.

We’re sharing Scott’s words, honoring Lonnie as a true mensch – and everyone else who strives to be good, caring, loving and true to humanity’s essence, along with a photo that will hopefully inspire everyone to do the same.

Our remarkable friend, Lonnie Borck, would have turned 50 yesterday. In the two-and-a-half years since he passed unexpectedly, tens of thousands of people in need of a simple kindness, a hand-up or life-saving assist never got to meet the man of a million mitzvot. But he was still on call for those in need of help.

Some received critical care and compassion en route to Baltimore area hospitals in one of four Hatzalah ambulances Borcky endowed, then staffed with fellow volunteer EMT’s, providing free 24/7 emergency services to patients in need.

Others have been served by a generation of young people Borcky inspired and mentored to share his legacy of service to humanity. It’s not a hotline. It’s a pursuit. Have need, we’ll find you. No deed is too daunting, no kindness too small. No opportunity to serve others is overlooked.

When Lonnie passed, not even his wife and closest friends knew the extent of his service to faith and community, until those he touched assembled to honor his life and memorialize his memory with stories of service, selflessness and generosity of spirit.

No man I have ever known more exquisitely defines the Yiddish word MENSCH, which characterizes a person of noble character, integrity, generosity and a constant sense of what is right and virtuous. No life better models what we should expect of ourselves and instill in others, by his example.

So, yesterday, after conferring with friends of like mind, we decided to ask you and those you know to honor our friend, Borcky, by observing each May 22nd as International Mensch Day. Pledge a portion of your day to commit simple and extraordinary acts of kindness, generosity and humanity. Then, try to make it a daily habit.

The inspiration arrived too late to initiate #MenschDay yesterday, so this year, pledge any day between now and Monday, May 27th, to unleash your best mensch. Your service to others will pay dividends every time you think of it.


“Lives of great men remind us we can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us footprints in the sands of time.”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Let’s do this!

Thank you,

Scott Ross
Jason Schaeffer
Elliot Silver
Paul Goldstone

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One Response to “International #Mensch Day : In memory of Lonnie Borck”
  1. David R says:

    Great Initiative,
    God blesses us when by divine providence you meet somebody that enlightens the words friend & brother,
    Lonnie was the first person I met in this industry at Traffic, in minutes you could see a friend, introducing me to all with open arms,
    he opened the door for me to all his friends, today friends i value and treasure.
    I am blessed having in my life people i can call Mentsch, early in life learned whats a mentsch, my father!
    There are many words to describe a person, but haven’t found aside of yiddish a word that engulfs all areas of life in one word,
    that was LONNIE a Mentsch, friend i miss talking on Fridays
    Shabat Shalom & L’Chaim for all you gave to the many, the only thing we take with us.

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