“Where the Internet Begins”

Early Internet, circa 1750 BC.

Early Internet, circa 1750 BC.

You might be surprised to hear that the Internet as a concept wasn’t formulated in the 80’s, the 70’s or even the 1960’s.

If we were to believe the Internet Organization, delightfully presenting its Frequently Asked Questions from, the history of the Information Superhighway is entirely different.

“Archeologists have found the ancestral Internet in the excavation of ancient Egyptian pyramids. Hieroglyphics suggest that slaves would carry large quantities of data for the Pharos. There have been claims that a great civilization predates ancient dynastic Egypt—one that existed some 10,500 years B.C.—and that this civilization was responsible for creating the internet and sculpting the Sphinx.

[…] Additionally, the internet is mentioned often in Hammurabi’s code which dates to about 1750 b.c. But based on Egyptian excavation our current estimate is 3000 b.c.”

Most of the above references make little sense, but everything seems to become clearer when someone reads the text on the home page:

“We supply internet to this hotel (left,) in remote part of northern Italy. The internet first gets to the hotel by boat. When demand is particularly high, we supplement “bandwidth” using a complex series of cable cars and elevators. We lubricate the cables using pork fat.”

There are several other photos and references to how the Internet is delivered, supplying it to Italy, France and other parts of the world.

The fact is, all of these references are humorous and aim at creating a euphoric response when one types the URL

The current layout is was most likely put in place this past June, as prior use of the domain name displayed content related to “news, information and dialogue about Internet Freedom, Censorship, and Activism.”

Surely a fun way to promote the domain name without much effort. 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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