James Booth : #Domain acquisitions in June

Domain investor James Booth.

Domain investor and broker, James Booth, is the youngest of the Booth Bros.

The BQDN founder often shares his latest sales and acquisitions with the general public.

Why is this important?

Simply put, it creates confidence among domain investors with similar domain assets, generating a track record of “comparative sales.”

As most domainers know, a great resource of domain sales is NameBio, but they record sales from auctions and venues that do share such data.

So what did James acquire recently?

His latest domain acquisition is a three letter .com, RCB.com. Registered in 2000, the domain was in Chinese ownership, and in 2015 they wanted 5 million Yuan – that’s $700,000 dollars in today’s exchange!

We’re confident that James Booth got the domain RCB.com for considerably less than that.

Earlier in June, James acquired the domain name Beluga.com. This 1995 registration is a reference to the Beluga sturgeon and its world famous Beluga caviar.

The domain was in the possession of Distributed Data Systems, according to DomainTools historic WHOIS.

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