Jason Calacanis : Twitter is a beautiful disaster

Jason Calacanis

Angel investor, Jason Calacanis, is more known to the domain investor community for his ownership of 20.com.

Calacanis sought advice on NamePros to broker the domain name; his price range exceeds $3.4 million dollars, which was an offer he turned down in the past.

Now, Calacanis is addressing Twitter as a “beautiful disaster” due to excessive trolling and other white noise persistent on the popular social media platform:

“twitter is a beautiful disaster: we love the platform but the platform doesn’t love us back. Zero product updates w/decaying discourse.”

“stand behind my comments today that someone new needs to be given a chance to fix the platform & save the company.”

“Twitter can’t figure out how to manage trolls, Facebook & YouTube have — ask yourself why? Poorly executed strategy & horrible comms”

It seems that some investors are dumping Twitter as an underperforming stock, according to Calacanis & CNBC.

Calacanis stated that “Without President Donald Trump’s Tweets, the company’s growth would be down rather than flat, he said. The Trump bump effectively gives the stock a 5 percent premium.”

With its 140 character limit and dubious filtration, Twitter gives the impression to some that it’s a substitute for quality content provided on a variety of other media – a notion that’s far from true.

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