Jilted Lover embarks on Domain Campaign – Mike Mann overtones?

What a messy room! Jessie Mann appears not to have inherited the organizational skills of her father, uber-domainer Mike Mann.

Recent attempts by uber-domainer, Mike Mann to enforce visitation rights of his daughter Jessie, have been met with apparent disregard from his wife, Lynn Mann, and her legal team.

Entangled in an ongoing bitter divorce, the Grassroots.org and Relief.org founder is currently displaying what appears to be his daughter’s messy room, on the URL LynnMann.comMike, ever heard of grounding a child until they clean their own mess?

Correction & update: Mike has clarified that the mess depicted in the pictures at LynnMann.com are not his daughter’s room but that of his wife’s. Yikes!

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, a jilted lover with the impossible to remember name of YaVaughnie Wilkins has embarked on a domain and billboard campaign costing an estimated $250,000 against her former lover, Oracle corporation president Charles E. Phillips.

Strategically placed, the billboards had one drawback: an unusably long domain

As reported on various venues, YaVaughnie Wilkins contacted Bela Kovacs, a San Francisco web designer, to create a site for her. Called ‘CharlesPhillipsAndYaVaughnieWilkins.com’, it was to be a gift to Oracle president Charles Phillips.

Kovacs explained, “She was ecstatic when it finally launched and the whole thing was done… she gave me indication that Charles liked it.

Before it was taken down, the web site contained eight years worth of pictures of them together, including dozens of scanned florist cards from Charles – “We’re going to have a great life, stick with me.”

We managed to locate the photos – in an exclusive DomainGang.com scoop – right on the portfolio page of Bela Kovacs! Hurry up and view them before they get pulled down!

The 35-letter long URL that led to the web site would have possibly been ignored, if it hadn’t been for the multiple massive billboards she had erected in New York City, Atlanta and San Francisco!

Chaos and confusion ensued when billboard viewers stopped their cars to copy down the lengthy URL.

Aptly titled ‘Charles & YaVaughnie’, with a smiling photo of the two lovers together, it includes a quote from ‘cep’ that reads “You are my soulmate forever!

As people began to catch on to the strange billboards, and it was being revealed that Charles was still married to his wife Karen Phillips, the Oracle corporation president was forced to release a statement.

“I had an 8½-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well.”

YaVaughnie Wilkins, former lover of Oracle corporation president, Charles E. Phillips, has legs for days.

However, he was seen as recently as November with his wife at a museum benefit, where he dedicated most of his speech to complimenting his wife.

Three questions come to mind:

  • Why look for a burger when you have steak at home?
  • Has YaVaughnie not seen the Ben.tel commercial for a URL shortener?
  • Since when slapping up pictures in a flash movie is called “web design”?
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5 Responses to “Jilted Lover embarks on Domain Campaign – Mike Mann overtones?”
  1. John says:

    Wow, some sick stuff going on!

  2. The Axe says:

    That is one VERY CREEPY WOMEN.

  3. Mike Mann says:

    Actually that is the mothers mess not the childs. And since the child has been illegally kept from me for ages I couldnt possibly ever ground or discipline her to attempt to raise her properly.

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Mike, thanks for the clarification, a correction has been posted. An adult living in this mess? Unbelievable. Best wishes for a quick resolution of this matter.

  5. The Situation says:

    If you notice, Lynn has kept quiet in this matter. She is not anything like Mike describes. That mess was when she first moved into her house and hadn’t had a chance to organize it yet. It was one room. The rest of the house is beautiful and Lynn does not deserve this kind of treatment from Mke. Mike, why don’t you look at your own life and find out why you are such a vindictive and miserable person. Putting your dirty laundry out there not only makes you look like a complete ass. It is doing damage to Jessie. It’s too bad your business is tanking, but take responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming others for your failings. Maybe someday you will come to realize what you are doing to Lynn now is a big mistake. But you probably never will because you lack any sort of compassion. Remember, what comes around goes around.

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