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Joe Styler’s #Theater Tickets venture acquires the #domain #Theatre Tickets .com


Joe Styler‘s Theater Tickets venture has been providing tickets to quality shows at affordable prices.

The husband and wife venture utilizes the power of generic domain names, from the domain TheaterTickets.com.

“Theater tickets,” however, is the American spelling of the British English “Theatre Tickets.” If your word processor triggers a typo error, don’t despair; theatre tickets is still the Queen’s English in the UK, and in most of Europe.

Having a legitimate alternate spelling for a business can become problematic, and Joe Styler found a solution, by acquiring the domain name TheatreTickets.com as well!

Said Joe:

“We recently expanded our brand by acquiring TheatreTickets.com in addition to the American spelling TheaterTickets.com. We now own the full brand er and re spellings and are excited about our continued growth and supporting our customers.”

The domain TheatreTickets.com has been around since 1996, according to DomainTools.

According to our research, TheatreTickets.com was operated by Razor Tickets, a company in California that operates RazorTickets.com. There is no information about the price at which TheatreTickets.com changed ownership.

Congratulations to Joe Styler for this smart move – whether you visit TheaterTickets.com or TheatreTickets.com, you’ll reach your intended destination. 😀

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2 Responses to “Joe Styler’s #Theater Tickets venture acquires the #domain #Theatre Tickets .com”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    My Butler is English

  2. Joe S says:

    Thanks. A lot of theatres on broadway etc use that spelling so we thought we should try and get it too.

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