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Joint ventures: Flippa and TRAFFIC converge to offer live domain auctions and video

Flippa, the domain and web site auction house from Down Under, is joining forces with the top domain conference, TRAFFIC, in a joint venture that might surprise many.

Domain auction: Sold to the bidder with the most glasses of wine.

Domain auction: Sold to the bidder with the most glasses of wine.

Launching early next year, the Flippa TRAFFIC Live Domain Auction will engage users worldwide, offering a bidding experience unlike any other.

“After talking to Rick Schwartz over tea and biscuits at TRAFFIC, we have agreed to roll out a brand new service that will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Dave Slutzkin, founder and CEO of Flippa.

“Domainers will be able to bid live on this private feed for a week in advance, although we expect the auction to continue for up to seven days after TRAFFIC concludes, as people like to bid!”, added Slutzkin.

The Flippa TRAFFIC Live Domain Auction is expected to attract hundreds of new domain investors that are looking to buy quality domains in a competitive market about to be invaded by gTLDs.

“I wanted to bid on domains during TRAFFIC and the lack of video stream from the event was anticlimactic to me,” said Paul S., a domain investor.

“The introduction of this Flippa/TRAFFIC auction better have a video feed as I like watching in real time what is going on,” added Paul S.

Indeed, Flippa plans to incorporate a live video feed in its product and will be testing the new live auction in the coming weeks; if you want to sign up as a tester, visit their web site at Flippa.com.


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