Joint Ventures places half page ad in Playboy magazine!

Joint Ventures, the domain leasing powerhouse under Rick Schwartz’s leadership, has been rocking the domainer foundation since its launch.

With Danny Welsh at the public relations steering wheel, the ambitious ‘joint ventures’ project is now taking the small, niche market of domaining to new echelons.

“We’re tapping the big lifestyle market now, aiming at the alpha male, the elitist, the guy who takes chances in life,” said Danny Welsh.

“Playboy magazine is the de facto man’s icon; everyone desires Hugh Hefner’s success in life,” added Welsh. “He’s the epitome of joint venture success.”

Joint Ventures is taking a 1/2 page ad in the May issue, which also features Mexican buxom model Liz Vega in its center spread. Welsh intends to tap into the model’s public image with a special, one on one interview for Joint Ventures.

Joint Ventures ad in the May issue of Playboy magazine.

Joint Ventures ad in the May issue of Playboy magazine.

“Domaining is a great industry, what a great time to be alive!” said Rick Schwartz on his way to a company brunch with Danny Welsh and Howard Neu. “Folks, keep your eyes open and don’t let a minute pass by without planning for a joint venture!” exclaimed Schwartz.

The Joint Ventures Playboy ad is tasteful, yet provoking. We can’t wait to hear the conversion rate it achieves! 😀


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