Kathy Nielsen: Are you missing the .BOAT?


Kathy Nielsen of Sedo.

Kathy Nielsen, VP of Business Development at Sedo, wrote an article on the impact of gTLDs on businesses around the world.

The article was published on WIRED, and here are some highlights:

“Are you a small or medium business? Have you ever heard of the TMCH or Trademark Clearinghouse? Do you know what a new gTLD is? If the answer to the last two questions is “no,” you’re not alone. It’s becoming very clear that awareness of gTLDs and the TMCH is not what it should be.

My company Sedo conducted a survey of SMBs in the US which found that 63 percent of SMBs were completely unaware of new domains entering the market. Awareness has certainly grown over the last few months, but we’re still seeing too many businesses that have no idea about any of this.

The possibilities are exciting and frightening at the same time. One thing is clear, small businesses need to understand this new era and participate. If not, they could be losing customers to their competitors, losing out on creative marketing and naming ideas, and forced to spend more money playing “catch up” in the long run. A well thought out strategy can go a long way and save you time and money now.”

Definitely a good introduction of global businesses to the quiet revolution currently affecting the Internet name space.

For the full article, click here.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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