Domain “frozen” with a guilty verdict by the public

Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two protesters and wounded a third during anti-police brutality demonstrations in Wisconsin last year, has been found not guilty of homicide. Additionally, Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all five charges, which included first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree recklessly endangering safety and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

Meanwhile, a web site hosted on the matching domain,, displays the results of a public vote it conducted at some point since it was registered in 2020. The vote is “frozen” in time and voting involved sending a small amount of Bitcoin to one of two wallets, one for “guilty” and one for “innocent.”

It’s quite remarkable that someone actually collected money (BTC) from both sides to provide an opportunity for the public to vote. Its operators even promised that the funds collected will go to the party that would win the actual trial—in this case the family of Kyle Rittenhouse—minus some fees.

The domain was registered on August 26, 2020 and within days it was listed for sale on Sedo. DNS changes to Sedo nameservers took place on or around August 31, 2020 while on September 5, 2020, someone posted about the domain’s availability on Sedo by posting the link on Reddit.

By September 26, the DNS was changed to that of proxy DNS providers, Cloudflare. The domain has been registered until 2030 and there is no indication that it was ever sold on Sedo.

Meanwhile, was caught by DropCatch on November 14, 2021. There are no records at NameBio of the amount the ensuing auction closed at.

The keywords “Kyle Rittenhouse” are registered in the following TLDs:

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One Response to “ Domain “frozen” with a guilty verdict by the public”
  1. amplify says:

    Looks like they spent more time on the website than they received in Bitcoin. I’d also expect them to receive a C&D, UDRP, and a SLAPP suit to bury the owner in debt (if they’re not in an anti-SLAPP jurisdiction) soon backed by all the cash Kyle will be receiving in the coming years if they don’t turn over the domain too.

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