Le Domaine: Brad Pitt’s cosmetics venture launches on dashed domain(e)

Brad Pitt is a global icon among actors and his latest venture ensures everyone gets to benefit.

Le Domaine is Brad Pitt’s own line of genderless cosmetics, providing skincare products for men and women without any distinction.

Derived of Science and Terroir to be one with both Nature and your own nature. This is harmony. This is respect. This is Le Domaine.

Brad Pitt owns Chateau Miraval winery in Provence, so it’s only natural that he aims to bring skincare back to the basics of nature, such as wine.

Le Domaine operates from the domain Le-Domaine.com

While Brad Pitt’s launch of the product line emphasizes the natural ingredients of his Le Domaine products, the matching domain name is taken.

Indeed, LeDomaine.com was registered way back in 1997, as the term references wine producers.

What did Brad Pitt do in this case?

His Le Domaine brand is using the domain Le-Domaine.com.

It’s a risky decision, then again the domain Le-Domaine.com is linked on his Instagram profile. It’s interesting to note that Le-Domaine.com forwards to a Shopify store! 😀

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2 Responses to “Le Domaine: Brad Pitt’s cosmetics venture launches on dashed domain(e)”
  1. gene says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    This is definitely an excellent development for domainers. Everyone is already aware that in German speaking countries using a dash between words is not uncommon; so this is a trend that we all hope will continue.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Gene – The brand does not include a dash, it’s “Le Domaine” so the choice of an alternate, dashed domain is the result of the non dashed being taken. In general, while dashed domains can work, there is plenty of typo traffic going the way of the non dashed variant. Hopefully Brad Pitt’s business operators will spend money to acquire LeDomaine.com from its current owners – if it is for sale, that is.

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