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Lies or ignorance? #GoDaddy rep claims expired #domains can’t be transferred out

A frustrated domain investor was told that expired domain names at GoDaddy aren’t officially his.

This incredible statement came from a GoDaddy representative, when domainer Dan Sanchez asked to obtain the authorization codes for expired domains in his account.

Unlike what the official domain transfer policy at GoDaddy states, Dan Sanchez was told that the opposite is true: expired domains aren’t eligible for transfer.

In an active thread over at NamePros, Dan shared the messages he exchanged with GoDaddy representatives:

“Instead of providing authorization codes for expired domains (1-30 days post expiration.) They actively block the authorization codes from ever reaching the registered contact email. In my naive attempts at manually requesting 40 authorization codes, I spent most of the morning going to each domain and requesting one at a time. Nothing ever arrived, it was frustrating, but I discovered their methods of domain retention involve blocking authorization codes by default.

Meaning, any domain that goes into expiration is “no longer eligible for transfer.” This is something I clarified with support staff, clearly they are trained to tell this to customers in order to avoid transfer losses.”

This is part of the exchange with GoDaddy representatives:

To read the full exchange, titled “GODADDY WARNING: Lying and stealing expired domainsclick here.

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2 Responses to “Lies or ignorance? #GoDaddy rep claims expired #domains can’t be transferred out”
  1. Donny says:

    At least they are not doing what enom is.
    Enom is offering these specials to keep domains with them after you win them at nj. The savings they are offering barley matches what I would pay for uniregistry for 5 years and domain privacy. LOL it’s like they are offering 1997 prices for new regs. OMG

    30% savings – 10 years is $359 one time (= only $35 per year)
    22% savings – 7 years is $264 one time (= 38$ per year)
    18% savings – 5 years is $205 one time (= 41$ per year)

  2. Brad says:

    It’s most likely ignorance. They go through support employees like nothing and most don’t know much and are pretty arrogant. I worked there for 8 years and I’ve heard it’s gotten way worse.

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