sale breaks gTLD record with six figure exchange

The reported sale of sets a new record, apparently, in an transaction.

The domain is now reported to have sold for $260,100 dollars via; the seller is an obscure domain investor from China who likes to acquire domains where the keyword matches the gTLD.

Operating from, the domainer’s portfolio contains similar replicant domains: – for sale at $12,000 – for sale at $8,000 – for sale at $8,000 – listed at $8,000

Other domains owned by the same domain investor include: – asking price: $1.3 million dollars

We have not confirmed that the sale at $260k is valid, completed, or legit in any way.

If it is, however, it’s the #1 reported sale for dot .link domains, surpassing the top .link sale of for $30,000 dollars by a factor of more than 8x.

Update: This transaction appears to have completed in mid August 2020, as data from WHOIS changes and the serialized transaction number from show.

At the time, the domain changed hands from a seller in China to Com Laude in Great Britain. It eventually moved to a registrant in Japan, the domain’s current holder.

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