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LinkedIn in the hands of Microsoft for $26.2 billion dollars

Some LinkedIn accounts are definitely bogus.

Some LinkedIn accounts are definitely bogus.

LinkedIn, a social network site catering to professionals, has been sold to software giant Microsoft.

The price: $26.2 billion dollars, which will bring to Microsoft a direct access to its 433 million members.

Microsoft plans to integrate the service into other products, such as Cortana and Skype.

Many domain investors are using LinkedIn as a way to interconnect, that expands on professional and personal linking.

There are, however, bogus profiles among those who claim to be domain industry professionals.

Microsoft seems to be endorsing dot .Group domains lately, while LinkedIn faced some backlash about the fate of stolen passwords.

The well-timed announcement of the LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft coincides with tomorrow’s grand opening of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For the acquisition announcement, check out the video of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella and LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner below.

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