LLLL .com : Liquid domains by the pound


LLLL domains by the pound.

Brewski & Brewski, the dynamic duo of domain brokers, is once again taking the domain world by storm.

Bruce and Bobby Brewski have been quiet in recent months, and now they are striking gold with their latest project: LLLL .com domains, sold by the pound.

“More domain investors in China are asking for insane quantities of LLLL .com, LLLLL .com and LLLLLL .com domains, and the only way to leverage such inventory is by the pound,” says Bobby Brewski.

“We are experiencing a great upsurge in liquid domains and we use the strongest domain buckets to haul out your domains – any weight, any time!” exclaimed Brewski.

Liquid domains have stirred a lot of controversy in recent months, as fashionable “coinage” for wealthy Chinese playing the stock market.

Despite a recent burst of the Chinese stock market bubble, liquid domains are still in demand.

“As far as I know, we’re the only domain brokers to sell domains by the pound, and this is a method that we will be patenting very soon,” says Bruce Brewski.

The Brewski brothers are also offering free conversions to the metric system, if you’re unfamiliar with pounds. Pricing of liquid domains is automatically converted via an app.

If you have a lot – and we do mean, a lot – of liquid domains to sell, visit Brewski.link.


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