Louis Rafael: The “O” makes all the difference

Ft. Lauderdale image by Louis Rafael.

Louis Rafael Rosenthal is a talented photographer from Zurich, Switzerland.

As a photographer for Rook Media, a Swiss traffic monetization company, Louis captured some great profiles and moments at the TRAFFIC 2012 event, along with more casual shots from the Ft. Lauderdale shore and nightlife.

Louis is working on his bachelor’s degree, studying Communication and Media Studies at Universität Zürich. He also operates as a freelancer, with a portfolio at LouisRafael.com

Apparently, there is another Luis Rafael – who is not only missing an “o” in his name, but also misses a lot of traffic.

The Swiss photographer mentioned during TRAFFIC, that he receives a lot of emails intended for ‘Luis‘, a photographer for models and celebrities in South Florida, who operates from LuisRafael.com.

There is clearly no comparison between the two web sites, or the quality of work by the photographers. At the end of the day, it’s Zurich 1 – Miami 0. 😀

Louis, it was a pleasure to meet you at TRAFFIC, keep up the great work!


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